The Importance of Shopping for Your Correct Size

The Importance of Shopping for Your Correct Size

     There are many tips and tricks that Plus-Size women some times take years to learn. As a Plus-Size woman myself, the biggest tip I could share with a curvy woman looking for a special outfit is: “Shop for your correct size” . What does this mean exactly? Does this mean “If you were a size 1XL 6 months ago, just to shop every Plus-Size store and buy a 1X”.  👈🏽 This is actually the WORST thing you can do! Don’t assume that every 1XL is the same in every store. Different stores go by different size guidelines. When in doubt, simply ask for a size chart or ask to try on the outfit.

     As a woman, there are many factors that cause our size to fluctuate. These factors include sudden weight gain and loss, stress, and even menstruation. You may be a 1XL at the beginning of Spring and a size 3XL by time Fall arrives. It all depends on the store’s sizing options and measurements. The best way to avoid issues like these are to figure out your normal measurements and check them every 2-3 months and check in with your favorite shop to see if they have detailed size charts available. Don’t feel different about yourself if you’ve gained weight or changed sizes during the pandemic. This is a trying time for many people and it would be normal for changes to occur in yourself as well. Be open to trying bigger sizes if you desire a more comfortable feel and wear. You might be surprised how the materials hug your curves and make you feel sexy! A great day starts with a great outfit! 

    All featured clothing consists of soft, stretchy, breathable material. At Kiante’s Boutique, we know it’s tricky trying to figure out what size you are when shopping at a new store, especially online. For your convenience, the specific size measurements will be added to our size chart in our upcoming store update.

     To make sure you feel comfortable, I want to remind you that returns and exchanges are 100% FREE! If you are ever unsatisfied with your order, just send an email with your Full Name, Order Number, and a detailed description of the issue and your request. If you ever have a question about a specific item, please don’t hesitate to email the boutique at

 Remember to love yourself & cherish your curves! 💋

-Shivonni Jenkins

Owner of Kiante’s Boutique LLC

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