Loving Yourself: Unconditionally

Loving Yourself: Unconditionally

       “Damn, you look so good today, girl!" When's the last time you just told yourself that? I mean before the makeup, the cute outfit, and the sexy new hairdo. Well, if you're like most women, you say it to yourself every now and then but not nearly enough.

       We women sometimes have a habit of only loving ourselves with conditions. Conditions that are usually based on our appearances. We are vain! That's not OUR fault. Society shows that people are more concerned with how we look on the outside than how we are in the inside as humans. People are extremely judgmental.

        For example, lots of jobs back in the day (and some now), wouldn't even consider you for a job position if you had tattoos, piercings, or a certain hairstyle. Instead of looking over your job experience and getting to know you, they are looking at you, trying to understand your tattoos. One thing that many people forget is that appearances are only skin deep.

       The same thing goes for us when we think about ourselves. We as a society are so used to seeing the celebs and artists of the world always looking their professional best and the Instagram influencers with the crazy following, we forget that behind the glitz and glam, these are people too! They have bad days, have zits, and get bloated just like us! In this day and age still, if someone is imperfect, they feel as if they aren't enough or worthy of love and that's just simply not true. Thoughts like "I'm too big to talk to him" or even "I don't look pretty without weave in my hair or makeup on" these are all extremely self-damaging thoughts that we see people express online everyday.

       The way we view and love ourselves effects us daily…Love yourself no matter what you look like or how you feel on that day. If no one has ever told you, I am telling you now: You are worthy of love, no matter what you look like, sound like, how much money you make, NO MATTER WHAT! You have to pour love into yourself and into your spirit daily, especially on your worst days. Love yourself with no conditions. Even with a messy bun and sweat pants on, remember you are a queen.

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Remember, love yourself the hardest on your bad days.

Written by Shivonni Jenkins
Owner of Kianté’s Boutique
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